Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Highlights and 2010 Goals

Speaking of 2009, it happens to be the best year of my entire life, praise God! I realized my highest and holiest calling is to be a Godly wife and mother to the wonderful husband and children of mine. My husband and my family are my own personal ministries that God has blessed me with. I thank God so much and at the same time realize my total dependence on Him because I could not do it without His spirit alive in me.

I began working my part-time schedule (2 days/wk) in January and have been overjoyed with the additional amount of time I get to spend shaping and influencing my children's lives. I am so in love with holding them, staring into their faces, and playing with them instead of being separated from them all day.

In addition to the increase in family time, we also now have more time (and energy) for ministry opportunities since I am only working part-time. 2009 was a year of giving and serving in some additional areas and NOT get all stressed out about it. We did a fairly decent job of it and were blessed to be a part of a couple ministry events that we have never before been a part of (Cobb Pregnancy Services Fundraising Banquet, DNOW). I can't wait to get even more involved in 2010!

2009 was also a year of God teaching me a LOT about relationships. He has used my earthly relationships to show me in tangible ways some of what it means to have a meaningful relationship with Him. For example, as much as I long to have conversation and companionship with my girlfriends, He longs to have that with ME. I definitely have the need for that girlfriend companionship still but I have tried to channel that desire more toward God and focus more on my relationship with Him.

I loved, loved, loved 2009, and hoping that 2010 is even better. I am really looking forward to what God has planned for us this year. That said, I did write down some goals. Not so much resolutions and not so much only for 2010. These are more like lifetime goals or seasonal goals that would be appropriate for whatever season of life God has me in. So, here are my 2010 goals:
  • Treat my relationship with God as the top priority in my life and continue to walk and grow in Christ.
  • Display the fruits of the spirit more on a moment by moment basis with husband, children, and others.
  • Be more fruitful in different areas of ministry. Look for opportunities to step out of my comfort zone to serve or witness.
  • Manage my time more efficiently and drop activities that are non-productive. Scheduel one-on-one activities with the children and focus on date nights with hubby.
  • Read a book a month at least. I have to now for the mentor program so I have proven that I can do it. The goal is to keep doing it after the mentor program ends in June.
  • Pursue becoming a Stephen Minister (this could be interesting...With God, all things are possible)
  • Do not eat out more than once every two weeks.
  • Eat healthier and exercise more.