Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brisk Air and Dead Leaves

Braedon and I enjoyed some time outside this morning. As soon as we walked out the door I thanked God for the change of the seasons. The brisk air and dead leaves means that it is most definitely Fall. I am usually an extremist so I am surprised that neither Winter nor Summer are my favorite seasons. Instead, I prefer Spring but Fall comes in a very close second. Yet as much as I was enjoying the cooler air and other changes the new season brings, I was a little saddened by the fact that soon the plant life would die. God quickly snatched that sadness away by showing me that the seasons changing is an example of my creator showing me how new life will come from death and start all over next year. This is so parallel to how He tells me everyday is a new day and to die to myself and have new life in Christ Jesus. Life from death...God is AMAZING!

Grammy's 80th, Maine 2009

On September 3rd, we had the great privilege of flying to Portland, Maine to visit lots of Andrew's family that is from the surrounding area and celebrate the life of his sweet grandmother, Marylou, A.K.A. Grammy. Grammy turned 80 years old on September 1st. This was the first time in over twenty years that all ten of Grammy's kids were with her at the same time. There were a large number of the grandchildren and the great grandchildren present, as well. All this made for a truly special celebration of Grammy's life. I personally am so eternally thankful for her because of her sweet daughter (my mother-in-law), Leanne, A.K.A Mom2 because without her I would not have my dear husband and precious children. We are so blessed and thank God so much for the opportunity to go to Maine and celebrate this wonderful woman and our family.

Coast of Maine

During Grammy's birthday party at Two Lights State Park we took a walk to the coast. Not the type of beach I am used to breathtakingly beautiful none the less. We opted not to take Kaley and in hindsight I am glad because it was kind of dangerous climbing around on the rocks but man it would have been neat to get a picture of the four of us at this setting.

Lobster, Lobster, and More Lobster

Another one of my favorite parts about our trip to Maine was the Lobster. I LOVE seafood so the fact that we ate Lobster within an hour of being off the plane and had a Lobster dinner one night was just fabulous with me. I had mentioned to a few of the uncles that I was just going to leave my camera laying out so if they saw a photo opportunity to feel free to use it. I think Uncle Joey took the pictures of Braedon with the Lobsters. I am so glad to have those pictures and didn't even know it until a day or two later.

Cousins in Maine

One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to watch Braedon meet and play with cousins whom he had never met before. He had so much fun.

Hard at Play in Maine

At the park where Grammy's party was there was a playground. I really enjoyed playing around with Braedon. It was so fun...I hadn't been on a swing in I don't even now how long. Braedon and daddy were rocking out later that evening on the guitar hero guitars. Too fun!

Random Maine

I think one of Braedon's favorite things about our trip to Maine was to see his Uncle Chris. This is such a cute shot!

On our way to the airport, we stopped by a State Park to see the coast again. It was such a beautiful day and beautiful sights!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cobb Pregnancy Services Fundraising Banquet

Children of Light
Cobb Pregnancy Services 2009 Fundraising Event
Featuring Janet Parshall September 24, 2009 at
Cobb Galleria
Doors open at 6:30
Dinner and speaker beginning at 7:00
Program ends promptly at 9:00

A few months ago, I had the neat opportunity to visit Cobb Pregnancy Services. We toured the facility and listened to the director share amazing stories of God's work through this ministry in bringing people to Him while saving and changing lives. The center provides assistance and education to those who have an unplanned pregnancy, while also helping their clients realize how valuable their life is and the value of the life they have created. Additionally, they provide abstinence and lifestyle education. All while sharing the Gospel! My heart has been deeply touched by this ministry and I am very privileged to be a table host at their 2009 fundraising banquet. While there is no general admission price, there will be an opportunity to contribute financially or volunteer your time in support of this ministry.

Will you please prayerfully consider attending and supporting this ministry? If you are interested in attending, please contact me.