Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Braedon Pre-School

-Before Five In A Row
My Big Green Pocketbook
Yellow Ball
I used printable activities from homeschool share.
I was talking with a friend about Before Five In A Row the other day and realized my love for the book. I don't know if I didn't have the right foundation or what but I have never been very interested in reading. It was more of a necessity so I never really "studied" books nor was I able to see all of the imagination within the pages. For example, when I first read Goodnight Moon to my kids, my first thought was 'this book is boring'. Then, I read Before Five In A Row. I had a whole different perspective when reading Goodnight Moon and seriously thought 'Wow, this book is awesome'! We have had more fun with the books and activities from BFIAR then anything else we have done.
As we move forward, I am going to work in printables from Homeschool Creations to go along with our BFIAR books. I will check homeschool share to supplement, as well. Our next book is Caps for Sale.
-Mini unit study-Fire Engine Man by Andrea Zimmerman & David Clemesha
This consisted of reading the book and a Fireman preschool pack from Homeschool Creations. It would have been made complete with a trip to the fire station but I am so not that organized yet! -Read and Write the Room from 1+1+1=1, Braedon loved doing this and asked to do it over and over again. I hid the pictures around the room so it was sort of a hide and go seek game, which he loves. He was very motivated to trace the words after finding them.
-Aquarium-We took a family trip to the aquarium and it was super fun. It went along great with the book Yellow Ball since it is about a ball in the ocean.
-Family Time, Bible, and Character Training
I use the mapbook that Braedon gets from Lil' K each Sunday morning to reinforce the lesson he learned at church. I am thinking of building our own Family Time lessons around either the mapbook or whatever character trait we are working on. I was pulling from several different resources so we covered several different things over the past few weeks.
Family time-Just like the air, God is always there, this was one of the kid's favorites since it involved a balloon. It also spawned weeks of blowing up balloons just to let them go and watch them fly around.
Family time-Watching unchecked sin grow bigger and bigger also using a balloon
Lil' K-Creation
Lil' K-Good Samaritan
Joyful Heart Character-Orderly, we also worked on putting letters in alphabet order, next up: Attentive
-Beginning math skills workbook (from Target for $1)
-Preschool in a Bag-We have been working on these for short periods of time throughout the day.
-Computer time-Braedon plays educational games on the computer for a short period of time on most days.

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