Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grammy's 80th, Maine 2009

On September 3rd, we had the great privilege of flying to Portland, Maine to visit lots of Andrew's family that is from the surrounding area and celebrate the life of his sweet grandmother, Marylou, A.K.A. Grammy. Grammy turned 80 years old on September 1st. This was the first time in over twenty years that all ten of Grammy's kids were with her at the same time. There were a large number of the grandchildren and the great grandchildren present, as well. All this made for a truly special celebration of Grammy's life. I personally am so eternally thankful for her because of her sweet daughter (my mother-in-law), Leanne, A.K.A Mom2 because without her I would not have my dear husband and precious children. We are so blessed and thank God so much for the opportunity to go to Maine and celebrate this wonderful woman and our family.

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{ jamie } said...

SO wonderful that y'all were there to help celebrate! Every day is a gift and Grammy's been blessed with a lot of them! ;)