Thursday, November 26, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving morning cooking Turkey and a few sides. We headed to The Snow's house later that afternoon and continued the celebration! Thanksgiving morning it hit me that I wanted to be more intentional about Thanksgiving, especially on Thanksgiving. So, I decided to write down each thing that I consciously said thanks for all throughout the day. It is so easy for me to think, of course I am thankful for this or that but to truly be intentional about it and say a prayer of thanks for those things throughout the day is something all together better. So, I wrote down this list all before about 1:00 p.m. Then, we headed out for the day and I got distracted so I didn't write anything else down. I can't stand that I failed again and let distractions get in the way of being intentional in Thanksgiving but I am a work in progress. God is not finished with me yet!
  • Jesus
  • Braedon's red hair
  • Kaley's smile
  • Family and friends
  • Great relationship with in-laws
  • My wonderful husband
  • Joy
  • Grace
  • Lovely
  • Leanne's surgery went well and over with
  • Andrew had safe travels
  • All things marriage especially marriages I know of that have been through it and are sticking it out and trying to make it better
  • Running water
  • Dishwasher
  • My husband's cooking skills


Jennifer said...

That is insanely weird Tina! I had the EXACT same intentions to do what you did. I meant to write things I was thankful for, but totally forgot to even begin. It's still interesting to see you did something I had thought about doing. Maybe next year huh?

Victoria said...

That is so awesome - you humble me with your prayer life. I am so often not intentional about it!