Saturday, January 8, 2011

Garrett 5 Months

I am a few days late in posting this but I was only one day late in actually taking the picture. He is almost 13 lbs now. We have been dealing with cradle cap that was pretty bad but is now completely gone. Now that the cradle cap is gone he is having eczema issues. He hasn't been very interested in drinking his milk lately. So, I tried cereal on him and he seemed to take it really well. So, I guess you can say he has officially started solids! I wanted to hold off as long as I could but he has been acting like milk just isn't enough for him anymore. I am hoping that after eating more cereal during the day he will sleep longer than 3 hour stretches at night again. It has been a good couple of weeks since I have had more than a 3 hour stretch of sleep. He is becoming more and more playful and interested in things around him. I love it when he locks his eyes in on me. I look over and he is very intently staring at me. I smile at him and he gets a huge grin on his face. Melts my heart!

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