Saturday, February 28, 2009

Andrew's Telescope

The entire time I have known Andrew, he has always wanted a telescope. So, a few years ago, he started saving his allowance. Yes, he gets a monthly allowance and so do I. Our finances are combined because we are one but we give ourselves a monthly allowance each that we can spend on whatever we want and the other person can't say anything about it. It cuts out the majority of money arguments. So, here is his first telescope and the upgrade he made about a year ago. Sometimes I can't even look out of the new one because I am so short that even when standing on a step ladder I still can't reach the eyepiece. We can't wait to take the kids camping and use it. We plan for it to provide father son bonding time when Braedon starts getting older.

The funniest thing about the last picture of Braedon is that he has started running up to the camera with his arm outstretched yelling "cheese". I have no idea why he started doing that but if he says cheese he will point his arm in the air toward the camera. That provided loads of fun during our family picture session...I think we are going to have his arm sticking up in the air in just about every picture. :-)

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