Friday, July 3, 2009

Cold Toast and Coffee

There are rare days I get to enjoy a steaming mug of coffee and a hot breakfast. These are the two days a week that I go to work outside the home. I make my coffee right before leaving the house and it lasts me until about a half an hour after I arrive to work. So, I get to enjoy all of it, uninterrupted, while it is hot. If I so choose, I can visit the cafe in our office complex and purchase something fresh and hot for breakfast and enjoy it, uninterrupted. The days I stay home with the babies I have toast that popped up about an hour ago and coffee left sitting in the microwave from the last time I thought about it and realized it needed a warm up. Usually it is lunchtime and I open the microwave to heat up Kaley's food and find my coffee from the morning still sitting there. Yesterday, I was sitting at our dining room table scarfing down my cold toast and coffee when I realized that I would much rather have it that way and be home with my babies than on the mornings I go to work and miss out on 10 or 11 hours of our lives together. Praise God for my days at home with my babies...even if it means never having a hot breakfast.

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{ jamie's cottage } said...

Funny how things change when God is prioritizing our days, isn't it. :-)