Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Potty Training - Day 1 Down

All in all today went pretty well. After countless hours going to and being in the bathroom, Braedon did go pee pee in the potty three times, we had four number 1 accidents and one number 2 accident. I am looking forward to what tomorrow will be like. I must teach him to sit on the potty without me standing there making him sit on it. The timer works wonders because miraculously he just got it that when the timer goes off he needs to go sit on the potty. The trick is getting him to stay once he sits down. Also, I am thinking that I might need to regulate what he drinks when. The fact that he drank an entire cup of juice right before dinner tonight is certainly what prompted his accident during dinner (even though he went right before we sat down). I am still not sure why a couple of times I knew he needed to go and when he was sitting on the potty he just wouldn't go. So, I gave up and put his underwear on and five seconds later we had a mess. Maybe I should do the naked from the waist down thing tomorrow. I don't know...I do know that I am exhausted and I think Braedon is pretty tired too. He fell asleep pretty quickly. I am going to spend some time with God before bed since I didn't get to today yet.

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Victoria said...

Good luck with this process .. I am so curious to gain from your experience!