Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3D T.V. and Financial Decisions

Several days ago my husband and I were joking around about spending the money on a new 3D T.V. He posted what we thought would be a funny status update on Facebook. It went something like this:
We have decided to purchase, with a credit card, the huge 3D TV they have at Sam's club. It is not really in line with our financial goals but I really think it will make us happy and give us more together time, on the couch...
Then, we sat back and waited for the funny comments to roll in. I asked him, I wonder who will send us a Dave Ramsey link? {chuckle} We got a few "likes" and one comment that said, "ha ha go for it." We had a couple of people ask us if we had purchased our new T.V. yet. We also had ONE person who was willing to lovingly rebuke our *decision*. (In case you need a good line for a similar rebuke, I think this was PERFECT!) The following Sunday in our SS class a friend went up to Andrew and said (sort of jokingly), "Hey man, Dave Ramsey is mad at you about your new T.V." This comment lead to a funny conversation during which Andrew confessed that we were trying to make a JOKE!

Just to clear things up:
We don't want to be a "slave to our lender" (Prov 22:7b) and we want to honor God with all of our decisions. Debt is not honoring to God because then we are slaves to our lender and not free to do God's will. Therefore, we feel that going into debt for an unnecessary purchase such as a huge 3D TV is not very God honoring.

If that weren't enough, there is always this:

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