Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Peony

Just recently I have realized that certain life events are worthy of a celebratory spirit when I used to think that things were just not really worth the trouble of doing much to celebrate. I still am very practical, but realize now more than ever that I want to make special memories, live this life to the fullest, and celebrate every gift from God. Celebrate doesn't mean go out and spend a bunch of money and get all stressed out to make sure everything is perfect, etc... Celebrate to me just means to make a special memory no matter what we are doing. As Mother's Day approached this year I heard of a friend from Sunday School who has a sweet tradition with her two daughters to go to the pottery studio and paint plates. That made me think, "yeah, we need a tradition". As I was thinking of what we could do that would be tradition-worthy, I realized how much I love Spring and how it brings about new life in plants, trees, and flowers. What a beautiful symbol of motherhood in bringing about new life. So, there came the idea for a plant. We went to the store where I picked out a Garden Peony. Then, Braedon helped me plant it while Kaley watched close-by and Daddy took pictures. It was on Saturday that we planted the Peony. Sunday morning Andrew made me breakfast, we went to church, my friend Michelle came over for lunch and tea, and Andrew is making me a lamb dinner tonight. Andrew has done a wonderful job of blessing me on Mother's Day but really I am already blessed beyond belief with the little ones that God has placed in our family. Thank You God!

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