Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our New Flower Garden

I am so excited that we have the beginnings of our own flower garden. We have lived in this house for five years and the backyard has always been a sore eye because we haven't had the time to do much to it. The other day we were sitting out on our back deck when our neighbor came over and said she was going to dig up some flowers from our other neighbor's garden and did I want her to plant them on our hill somewhere. I responded that I didn't want to plant anything on the hill because it was too ugly and that we needed to clean it up first. She said she would be more than willing to help us clean it up and help us start a flower garden. Commence...four people, three hours, lots of sweat, cutting down four trees and removing eight large trash bags of yard debris. Then there was a clean slate to start a flower garden on. My sweetheart neighbor gave me a "Knock Out Rose" as my first plant. Then, she handed me the shovel and told me that if I wanted to learn to garden I had to do it myself. I am not afraid of hardwork and have no problem planting my own garden. There was only one small problem, oh wait, it is actually a pretty big problem. I tried putting the shovel about a 1/2 inch in the ground and hit stone...EVERYWHERE. How silly was I to think I could actually just dig a hole and plant something? If that was all I had to do it would be a cakewalk. The entire ground needed dug up to rid of all the stones in preparation for planting anything. However, we did come across some boulders that can't even be dug up. So, it is a work in progress but we do have about a 10 ft circular area that has been all dug up and mulched. Planted within it is a Hosta that was already on the hill buried in weeds and Ivy. The Knock Out Rose is a few feet over. In the middle are the flowers that we transplanted from our other neighbor's yard. I don't know what they are called because they haven't bloomed yet. As soon as they bloom I think it will be easier to research what they are. I am SOO excited about having a flower garden. Praise God for my great neighbors who just love gardening enough that they were willing to help me out even with the not so fun parts like digging up stones. Oh and in the process of trying to break up a very large boulder, we discovered that we were digging right next to a red pipe. I don't know what kind of pipe it was but I am certain we wouldn't want it busted. Thank God that we didn't.

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