Monday, May 25, 2009

Our New Flower Garden - 2

Our new flower garden grew again today. It is still circular, which I might change soon since I am kind of rethinking it, but it grew a little wider. We also have another Hosta, though a different kind, planted in it. My sweet, sweet neighbor just keeps giving so freely from her garden so we can get ours started. She also gave us some Walking Grass, which is so pretty and attracts butterflies. Wow, might we actually have butterflies in our yard one day? Andrew said, "It is the best flower garden ever" [the desired response when I put a lot of work into something...what a great husband]. I responded with, "Yeah, thanks to Geneva and you". Andrew quickly reminded me not to forget how much Bill, Geneva's husband, helped us out. Oh, I definitely had not forgotten Bill with his flip flops and chainsaw. The entire time Bill was cutting down trees for us, I was praying that nothing tragic would happen. Yet, outwardly I had to laugh at him being such a die hard holding the chainsaw with one hand and wearing flip flops. We are so blessed to have such great, fun, and helpful people for neighbors.

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