Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Potty Training

Tomorrow is July 1st and the beginning of the journey to a huge milestone in Braedon's life and a first for us all...Potty Training. We have been preparing ever since he started showing the first few signs of readiness about a month ago. He follows me into the restroom and wants to sit on the toilet and then flush it. He tells me when he needs a new diaper. He says he wants to go pee pee and poo poo in the potty. He is fairly good at pulling his shorts down and back up needing only a little help sometimes. I began doing research a couple of months ago because I knew the time was approaching. Most experts advise waiting until they are showing readiness signs but once they are ready the actual method used can vary widely. I am a very 'if we are going to do it, lets do it all the way' type person. So, the method I have chosen is straight to underwear tomorrow morning, set a timer for 5-10 minutes and train him to go to the potty every time the timer goes off, brace myself for his reactions, lots of clean-up, and hopefully lots of praises soon. He will probably get Whoppers for a reward but I am a little unsettled about that still. The first undies are just plain white non fancy but we also got a package of undies with cartoons on them so after we get it going I can reward him with those. I was feeling a little anxious about it all day today and had to keep asking myself what I was anxious about. I really have nothing to be anxious about because if it doesn't work we try again in a couple of months...No big deal. This is only going to be as big a deal as I make it. I want it to be a positive, memorable experience rather than a big, traumatic, emotional ordeal. Therefore, after mentally and materially preparing myself for the process, I am feeling a bit more at ease now. I am sure that tomorrow will be full of surprises but I am ready to be my baby's biggest cheerleader and keep coaching and cheering until he gets this. Go Braedon! You can do it!

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