Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tot School Week 5

Tot School

The highlights from our week:
Our attempt at Memorial Day rice crispy treats since we were scared away from our picnic at the pool due to a high chance of thunder storms. I saw this cute idea at No Time For Flash Cards. It has been a very long time since I have attempted to make rice crispy treats. They tasted good but did not turn out quite as cute as hers. They never actually made it into stars and Braedon just ate the m&ms off the top of one of the sheets of treats. But, it was fun and yummy!

I heard about a free bible cirriculum for three and four year olds at abcjesuslovesme. While browsing the website I found this cute apple tree counting workbook.

I printed it off and we have been having fun painting it. Of course we could always color it but since Braedon is getting a kick out of painting with a brush now I figured it would be nice to have him paint something with lines. Also, I painted some with him and realized that I really enjoy painting myself.

I love the intensity on his face!

Of course, they also stuck stickers on dot pages from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

I actually got Braedon to look at me and give me a normal smile for this picture.

And, I think it is cute that he is still grinning in this one because he knows I am taking another picture.

I was a little surprised (not sure if I should be or not) that Kaley actually stuck quite a few of her stickers inside the circles on the dot pages.

We started Before Five In A Row and we LOVE it so far. We started with The Little Rabbit and it has quickly become Braedon's favorite book. We have quite a few activities to finish up in that book so it will be next week before we move on.

We also did finally enjoy our first pool trip of the year on Saturday.

Mama's favorite:
I know the quality is awful but it is such a gift that my children LOVE their uncle so much. They crawled up in his lap and cuddled so I had to snap a picture. Unfortunately, the lighting was horrible so it didn't turn out too good.
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See Jamie blog said...

ADORable pictures!
I bet you are going to LOVE "Before 5 in a Row." :)

Fiona said...

great pics! I am planning on rice crispie cakes this week too

Jennifer Hilland said...

I was gonna do abcjesuslovesme with McKenzie but we were so unstructured!

She is starting preK this year and I'm putting her in public school to get some structure in the home then I'm taking her out and gonna be homeschooling them!

Miss you girl.