Friday, June 11, 2010

(Un)Forgetful Friday

  • Sitting at the table during lunch, I handed Braedon one of my potato chips. He said, "Wow Mama you gave me a chip." I said, "Yes, I did." He said, "Awe, you are sharing your chips with me. That is so nice of you. Thank you."
  • Kaley is so compassionate. If Braedon is crying because he is in trouble, Kaley will go find his blanket and take it to him...even if she is crying from being hurt by him. It just about makes me want to cry!
  • Kaley will also spontaneously come up to any of us and give us hugs and kisses. She is so sweet!
  • Braedon and I have read God Gave Us You by Lisa Bergren a few times, which is about a mama polar bear telling the story of being pregnant with her baby polar bear. It is such a sweet time to be reading a book like that since I can explain to Braedon that is where he came from and now his baby brother is in my tummy.
  • Braedon waves to or kisses my belly and says "Hi, Baby Garrett!"
There are tons more things to write about but they will have to wait for the next edition of (Un)Forgetful Friday!

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