Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm It

Over the past few days I have felt somewhat overwhelmed with the number of times Braedon says "um, mommy" during any given day. I think about it a lot because well I am being constantly reminded of it. In thinking about it today I realized that all he really wants is to share something with me. He is excited about showing or telling me whatever it is. I also was reminded that this age and season of life is oh so temporary and one day he may not want to share many things with me. Right now, I am IT to him and I want to relish in that fact, appreciate it, and enjoy it instead of be resentful or overwhelmed by it. The same goes for Garrett and Kaley too. They are all so young that I am the center of their world right now. What a neat privilege that God has given me to be called mommy.

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Faith Girl said...

You're not just a mommy, you're a great mommy! ;-) I am VERY glad that I will see you soon!<3

Kathryn (aka FaithGirl)