Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Braedon & Alaina Fingerpainting

My niece, Alaina, was visiting us today. I broke out Braedon's finger paint so they would have something fun and special to do together. Yeah, I had this grand idea of them cracking up at each other and covered from head to toe in paint when we were finished. So, I covered our entire kitchen table with paper. I put shirts of mine on them so they look like they are wearing little smocks. Then, I started clapping and said "do you guys want to paint with your fingers?" They said, "yeah" in unison and sounded really excited. So, we all go over to the table and I pour out some of each color for both of them and they just look at it. Even after I showed them what to do, they seemed to have more fun watching me than actually getting their hands dirty.

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Victoria said...

My girls love to paint - Catherine asks to paint every day. Sabrina makes the biggest mess you have ever seen, always requiring a bath afterwards!