Friday, March 13, 2009

Braedon's Cast Removal

Today makes exactly five weeks that Braedon wore his cast from breaking his arm and the day he got to have it removed. It was very traumatic, which we figured it would be. He freaks anyway about the sound of the vacuum cleaner, food processor, bubble maker, etc...Not to mention that the person that took the cast off was the same person that put it on and Braedon remembered him because it hurt. So, pretty much as soon as the gentleman walked in Braedon started to tense up. Then, when he fired up the "saw" Braedon started really crying. Daddy just had to hold him really tight until it was over. The entire process took less than five minutes so praise God it was over quickly. Here are some pictures to memorialize the whole event. Braedon was playing in the waiting room and I snapped a picture, which is the last picture of him with his cast. The others are of the process and the first of Braedon without the cast on his arm anymore.

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