Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kaley-What I Don't Want To Forget

There are so many things that my kids do that I want to make sure I remember. Of course, everything Kaley does is cute but she isn't doing a whole lot since she is only five months old.
-Braedon runs around like a wild man pretty much all day every day. She still hasn't quite gotten used to it and if she has her back to him, as he runs in the room yelling, I can see her little hands shoot straight out to her sides when her startle reflex kicks in and I go over to assure her that everything is ok and her eyes are as big as saucers. I so wish I knew what they were thinking because I would LOVE to know what goes through her mind when this happens.
-Our preschool coordinator at church told me today that she thinks Kaley is a sympathy crier because Kaley was in the swing just fine until another baby started crying then she started crying for seemingly no reason.
-She does seem to love all of the attention that her big brother gives her. She is completely content as long as he is playing with her but if he gets up to go do something else she starts crying. She is also constantly watching him in wonder and amazement.
-She loves her daddy...he just has to be within eyesight and she locks in on him and starts smiling just waiting for him to look at her. When he looks at her she lights up even more. It is the most adorable thing in the world.
-She is great about sleeping but has a problem going to sleep sometimes. Especially when she is getting ready to go to sleep for the night. She will fight and fight and fight screaming like I have never even heard before then suddenly she just falls asleep. She will usually sleep 8-9 hours and wake up happy as she can be.
Of course, there will much more cuteness to write about in the future...I just wanted to get these things down.


Victoria said...

This post is a great idea - to remember the cute things your children do! I need to do this for my kids!!

Lindsey said...

Hey Tina! I just finished looking at the pictures that the Worley's took of your family. They are so sweet! Kaley is such a sweetie pie! It has been a while since i've squeezed her! - Lindsey Johnson