Friday, March 13, 2009

Braedon's Cast Removal-2

We ended up throwing the smelly thing away after dad said he wanted to keep it but then caught a whiff of when I asked him to carry it. I made a note of everyone who signed it. Of course, mommy and daddy were the first to sign it. Then, Uncle Shawn signed it for himself and Madison & Alaina. Auntie Michelle made a special trip over to see him and sign it the day after he got it put on. That Sunday at church we saw Anne Wright who signed it. Melissa Hausdorf, from the preschool ministry, of course signed it. That same Sunday, we saw the Johnson crew at church and Jen, Lindsay, and Emilie signed it. The next Friday, Pam Short went with me to take Braedon to a follow-up Orthopaedic appointment and she signed it. His teacher, Ms. Jackie from Lighthouse Academy, signed it one day when he was at school. A couple of weeks later, Margaret Hock came to visit us and she signed it. I kept forgetting to ask people to sign it so there are many other of our friends I wish would have signed it. Actually, I am glad to be gone with it and I think Braedon is too. The first thing we did when we got home was give him a bath...without a trash bag on his arm.

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Victoria said...

Congratulations to Braedon!! Isn't it amazing how fast five weeks can go? I love the picture of him screaming and fussing to have his cast removed. I know the saw would be terrifying to a young child - but if he only knew how much good that saw was doing!! How great it would be to have his arm back! How much do we kick and scream when God molds us - it is unpleasant and scary, but if we only knew how good the end result would be!