Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What I Don't Want to Miss

The song "One Life to Love" by 33 Miles almost makes me cry every time I hear it. The part that really gets me is: "you only get just one time around, you only get one shot at this, one chance to find out the one thing that you don't want to miss."

I cry tears of joy that God tugged on our hearts and we chose for me to stay home (at least part-time) with our babies. I cry tears of heartache for mamas who can't stay home with their babies because of tough life circumstances. I cry tears of sorrow for mamas who do stay home with their babies but focus their attention in the wrong places and are still "missing" sweet experiences with their babies even though they don't have to be outside the home and away from them. As for "What I Don't Want to Miss", I am having trouble putting it into words. Let's just say that now I realize what I was missing when I worked outside the home full-time and I am so eternally grateful that I don't have to miss it anymore. God is so good!

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