Sunday, June 7, 2009

Braedon-What I Don't Want To Forget - 2

I posted about this a couple months ago and just want to keep it up with current and cute things the kiddos are doing.

-he runs b/w me and his dad giving hugs, kisses, and saying "I love you"
-he will tickle himself, start laughing and say, "it tickles"
-he tries to tickle Kaley, which involves him just poking his fingers in her stomach and sides
-he laughs at Kaley when she giggles and makes noises
-he has eaten dirt and mossy looking stuff in our yard several times over the past month
-he would much rather arrange and organize things like sidewalk chalk and crayons than actually draw with it
-the director at his school said one of his teachers thinks he will be a performer of some kind and that he seems to be musically inclined (I am thinking preacher or the next Jeremy Camp but we'll see what God has planned for him)
-he is such a daddy's boy and I just love the look of pure delight on his face when daddy plays with him
-he dances on command
-when he does something to get in trouble he runs up to me with his arms wide and says, "hug" to try to get out of his punishment
-he really is such a good boy...though we are dealing with some egocentrism, I would not call it "terrible"
-when he misplaces something he will turn around looking for it and then put his hands down on the floor and look between his legs and then say, "where'd it go?"-this is hysterical
I am thankful and praise God for every minute I get to spend with my kids! I am so lucky for God to have sent me such precious gifts!
Stay Tuned!

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