Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kaley-What I Don't Want To Forget-2

I posted about this a couple of months ago but I want to keep the post going with current and cute stuff the kiddos are doing.
-she is cutting her first two teeth (after I freaked about a 101.4 temp a few days ago)
-she is starting to giggle and laugh
-she has been rolling over for a while now but she actually likes her tummy since she can raise up on her elbows and look around
-she is pulling her knees under her and then pushing her legs out quickly to inch forward...oh no, she is almost mobile
-she loves water (bath, swimming pool, baby pool, going to try the beach next month)
-she and Braedon make faces and laugh at each other at the dinner table
-she grabs at everything
-she is wide-eyed at everything big brother does and you can just tell she can't wait to get up and run around with him and get her hands on everything he does
-she eats 6 tbs of food 3 times a day and drinks approx 5 oz of formula 4 times/day
-she seems to actually prefer vegetables over fruit and has eaten spinach, green beans, peas, corn, sweet potato, carrots, strawberries, and bananas
Kaley is our sweet, precious baby girl and we are so blessed by her. Thank you God!

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