Friday, June 5, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

Now that I have spent my first hour and a half figuring out my software and creating a couple of 12 x 12 pages electronically, I am pretty sure that I love digital scrapbooking more than traditional scrapbooking. I do love the hands on materials of traditional but wow is it easy to just drag and drop pictures and make lots cuter pages digitally. Of course, I never really became that "good" at traditional scrapbooking so I can definitely make cuter pages by going digital. Here are my first two 12 x 12 digital scrapbook pages. I know they are very novice because I am still getting the hang of using all of the edits and features of the software. I can't decide if the Valentine's Day one is too plain or if the black/white/red contrast all by itself just makes it pop. I think it looks sharp but just a little plain even with all of the roses across the bottom.

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Victoria said...

I have always wanted to try it - but I have invested so much already in traditional supplies, plus I wonder how much it costs to print the pages you made? Keep me informed!!