Monday, June 8, 2009

Our New Flower Garden-4

Our garden now covers almost our entire backyard. We still have about five feet at the top/back that is bare. The rest of it is mulched and has some things planted here and there. My awesome neighbors are going to give me some more plants from their garden. An awesome friend of mine, Jamie, is going to give me some irises and another type of daylilly, that just so happens to be my favorite, from her garden. I said to Andrew a few weeks ago that I wanted a flower garden, an herb garden, and a vegetable garden. At that time, I really wasn't planning on any of it. It really was like a distant dream. The reason we got the peony for Mother's Day and I planted it in a pot was precisely because I had no intentions of actually planting a garden. Fast forward a month and we have a flower garden and six different herbs growing in pots. Jamie said, "now you should stick a tomato plant in a pot and call it a vegetable garden." I would except we haven't been out plant shopping again. Oh yeah, and we planted grass. We have been spending so much time outside on our deck since our backyard is a little more inviting now.

The first picture is a side view since I can't get all of it from the deck. We still have tons of room to plant things. The second picture is from our deck. The strawed area at the bottom of the hill is where we planted grass. We planted it a week and a half ago and already have quite a bit coming up. It will be nice to rid of the straw soon!

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