Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daddy Jungle Gym

Daddy, Braedon, and Kaley were playing "Bounce on Daddy's Legs" at Daddy Jungle Gym the other day. For anyone who doesn't know, Daddy Jungle Gym is usually in the center of our living room and involves the kids bouncing, climbing, pulling, crawling, wrestling (just to name a few) with Daddy. Braedon was holding Kaley so she wouldn't fall off. Of course, she is probably thinking what in the world is going on!?! It is so much fun to just watch daddy playing with them. I get in the game sometimes but mostly just snap pictures from the sidelines. It cracks me up that Braedon is trying to do the "cheese arm" thing in the last shot but I took it too quick and he didn't get his arm in the air. :-)

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Victoria said...

I have never heard that term: "Cheese Arm!" Where is that from?

When Catherine was younger and in physical therapy we were trying to get her to climb. At the PT office they had stairs and all kinds of equipment. I asked if we should get some equipment for our house. The therapist told me "Just lay on the floor and let her climb all over you."