Sunday, April 19, 2009

Parent Commissioning for Kaley

Today was parent commissioning, formerly known as baby dedication, day at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. This is a special ceremony where the baby and parents come up on stage and a life verse is read for them and the officiator asks the parents if they commit to raise the child in a Christ-centered home. Then, the officiator touches the baby and welcomes them to church and prays for the family and all families seeking to raise their children in Christ-centered homes. We were blessed enough to have Bryant Wright and his wife, Anne, performing the service for us today. Anne held Kaley while Bryant announced us and read her life verse, which is 1 Corinthians 16:14 "Do all things in love." Then, Bryant put his hand on Kaley's head and said "Well, Kaley, welcome to church. We will be seeing a lot of you." She just gazed and smiled at him. It was too cute. It was a very special time for us at church. Afterward, we had a casual lunch back at our house. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people that God has blessed us with as our church family. They truly are serving as our family as the majority of our blood relatives are out of town. I can't thank God enough for their presence in our lives. Normally, I wouldn't even have thought to have a celebration after the service but recently God has really given me a bigger heart of appreciation for these types of things in life that really deserve celebration. So, kind of last minute, I threw together the idea of having people over for lunch after the service. It as such a blessed time with good friends enjoying each other and celebrating this wonderful thing we call life that God has given us all. Praise God!
I love the way Kaley is gazing at Anne and Bryant in these pictures...too cute!

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Victoria said...

Thank you so much for having that get-together. We should celebrate such joys like a "Parent Commissioning" more - that is such a blessing. Kaley did behave very well.