Sunday, April 5, 2009

Putting Dishes Away...or Not

Braedon is becoming such the good little helper. He hands me dishes from the dishwasher so I can put them away in the high cabinets. He puts the plastic bowls and such away in a low cabinet we have. So, these pictures were taken the other day when he was supposed to be putting a few plastic bowls IN the cabinet. He was having so much fun and did not stop until he had unloaded the cabinet. He completely emptied it but I had put a few things back in it before I thought to take a picture. Although organizing that cabinet was not on my to do list that particular day, it got organized anyway...thanks Braedon. Of course, I got a "cheese arm" picture of my great little helper!

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Victoria said...

My kids love to rearrange the lower cabinets too!!