Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on 4/24/09. Andrew made plans for us to travel to Chateau Elan and stay overnight. We walked around the place for a while when we first arrived. Then, we enjoyed some wine tasting (see below for more details as this relates to my 2009 resolution). After that, we had time to go back to the hotel room and relax for a while before dinner. We both got dressed up for dinner, which is always fun. The red scarf was my feeble attempt at being modest since I did not remember that the dress I planned on wearing was cut very low in the front. It worked out good enough, I think and am so glad I brought the scarf...totally by chance. We had dinner at Cafe Elan and the food was great! When our desserts arrived, the plates had "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate syrup around the outside of them. It was very cute. We also got a "Happy Anniversary" card slid underneath our door that evening and a bottle of champagne delivered to our room. It was a very memorable way to spend our anniversary and I am so glad we decided to do something so special for our five year anniversary. Although, it would not have mattered what we did as long as we could spend it together with a celebratory spirit and praise God for this wonderful gift that He has blessed us with.

Now for the confession: I did not realize it was our fifth anniversary coming up in 2009 when I made the resolution. I thought and prayed about our trip and the resolution a lot, once I realized it. As my post states, I do not think drinking is a sin and this occasion was something that I really wanted to celebrate with some wine and champagne. So, we did but no we didn't get drunk, which I am totally OK with and I think God is too. I write this to be completely transparent so that anyone who read or knows my resolution would be informed that I did amend it, just slightly, and for this occasion only.


{ jamie } said...

Y'all look so cute! ♥

Lindsey said...

Cute! Happy anniversary!!