Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Power Of Music

I don't know how music effects other people but put the right words with the right tune and it is so powerful to me. In fact, the right tune is so powerful to me that the words will just take on life, regardless. Therefore, if the words are not positive and uplifting then the song will have a negative impact on my mind. I used to be a die hard Linkin Park fan and now I realize why I was in a constant bad mood back then. However, the opposite is also true. If I feel myself getting in a down mood I can turn on an uplifting song and let it speak to my heart. Further, I can turn on a Christian song and it will light my heart and soul on fire for God and I begin worshiping Him whether I am driving in my car, playing trucks with Braedon, rocking or feeding Kaley, cleaning or doing laundry, blogging, or pretty much anything else. I thank God so much for the gift of music and the sensitive spirit I have. I consider my sensitive spirit a huge blessing but it also comes with a call to protect my spirit from lyrics or other material that is not glorifying to God. Here are a few songs and a thought to go with each.

-Casting Crowns, Slow Fade - I have actually posted about this song before here
-John Waller, While I Am Waiting - This song is a beautiful word picture of a faithful Christian giving God the trust that He deserves.
-Casting Crowns, East to West - "from one scarred hand to the other"...need I say more?
-33 Miles, One Life To Love - This is an awesome reminder to not take relationships for granted and take advantage of every moment we have and value the most important things in life.
-Hillsong United, The Stand, What an awesome creator we have who sacrificed so much for us. Worshiping Him is the least I can do.
-Jeremy Camp, There Will Be A Day - What a wonderful word picture of the promise of eternity with our wonderful God.

These are not nearly all of the songs that speak volumes of hope into my life but they are in the forefront of my heart right at this moment.

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Lindsey said...

Hey Tina! If you like "There Will Be A Day" by Jeremy Camp, you will love "Finally Home" by Mercy Me. You have probably heard it on The Fish. I am in love with that song right now! Both of these songs make me dream of heaven!