Monday, August 2, 2010

Almost August 5th = Anxiousness

I can't believe it went from two weeks to one week and now to just a few days so quickly. There were definitely times when it seemed like it was crawling by but now that it is so close to being here it feels like it went really quick. When I talk to the nurses and doctors about what all to expect then I can feel my heart starting to beat fast and sort of get that adrenaline rush feeling. I still feel totally at peace about how everything is going to proceed and know that God is in control of it. But, my body is still going through this nervous, anxious feeling that I think is just a physiological response that is natural because of the way God made human beings. My question to God is...What do I do with it? After praying through that for a couple of days I believe that He wants me to harness and channel those feelings into deeper reliance on Him. Specifically focus on memorized scripture and prayer when I start to have those feelings all the way up to, during, and even after delivery. Ok really I should be specifically focusing on scripture and prayer all the time. It makes me think of things I have heard people say about fasting from food. I have heard that when the hunger hits it is a physical reminder to stop and pray and rely more on God. So, in my case, I am not hungry but I am nervous and anxious so I see that as a physical reminder to shift my focus back to God through prayer and scripture.

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Faith Girl said...

We hope to see you soon! Can't wait to see your new member of the family, too!!