Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have a great view of the mountains out my hospital room window (in the distance). See this post of the sunrise to get an idea. But, if you look out only a little all you can see is dirt, gravel and large construction equipment. One would think that this view wouldn't be so nice but it is actually pretty cool, especially for the kids. We have been able to see the big crane moving some things around. Today we watched a backhoe loader load a dump truck with dirt. The other day we watched as a track loader was driven up onto a truck. It had to be driven up the ramp and then the bed of the truck dipped down a little so the equipment would just fit into this lower section of the bed. The edge of the tracks were right on the edge of the bed on both sides so the equipment had to be perfectly driven to be loaded on the truck straight. That was pretty neat to watch. If I could have opened up the window and clapped for the driver I would have because it looked like it took some skills. The construction activity out the window has led to some of the calmer times with the kids in my room since they will be still and watch out the window.

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