Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Weight - A God Story

I know that God can do anything and I am so grateful that He had his hand on baby Garrett and me all the way through my pregnancy. Since about 13 weeks of pregnancy each sonogram I had showed that the baby was larger than expected. At one point, my specialist was concerned about gestational diabetes since the baby was measuring large. Near about 28 weeks, Garrett measured about two weeks bigger than his due date. Little did I know how significant that was until we planned his early delivery at 34 weeks gestation. Of course, God knew and planned it perfectly. I have had two other children, both of which have been average weight boy 7.11 and girl 7.2 both full-term babies. An average weight for 34 week gestation is about 4.12. Upon delivery at 34 weeks baby Garrett weighed: (drum roll please)

Now, of course, weight isn't the only thing to be concerned about with a pre-term baby but it is a significant factor because the more fat they have the easier it is to maintain their own body temperature. If they can't maintain their body temp that means more time in the NICU. Praise God, weight and body temp was not an issue for Garrett and he didn't have to spend any extra time in the NICU.

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