Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Receiving Help

I have placenta previa and have been experiencing some issues that come along with that for about the last 6 weeks. At each appointment the advice was to take it easy, no heavy lifting, etc... So, I started to take it easy a little but wasn't able to take it too easy since there are two little people under 4 years old that I have to take care of. Then, at my appointment two weeks ago, the OB says, "life for you really needs to slow down and you need to be laying down about 90% of the time", to which my reaction was WHAT!?! That is obviously a doctor's order that is not manageable for us by ourselves so we had to reach out for help. However, I am reluctant to receive help from others because I want so much to be a giver; to serve others. So, I feel rather inadequate being served. And I really feel like I am being a burden to someone else if I receive help from them. But, over the past couple of weeks I totally have had to get over myself and receive help from the wonderful people that God has placed in our lives. Over the past couple of weeks, I realized that the blessings I am receiving through people wanting to help is not only serving the obvious need of taking care of me and my growing baby, but it is truly blessing my children as well. Instead of being stuck inside all day while mommy lays on the couch they are getting out of the house, having more playdates, going to new places and being loved on by others. It is also a huge blessing to my husband because his wife and kids are being loved on and cared for while he is not able to be home. Praise God for all of the wonderful people He has placed in our lives!

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