Monday, April 19, 2010


I was thinking of giving up this blog because I seem to never have time to update it. However, in considering that, I realized that I really just need a plan and to make it a priority. As random of a gal as God created me to be, I like to have the freedom to post whatever I want whenever I want. But at the same time, in order to actually get something posted, I need some structure. Additionally, if I am going to prioritize blog-posting then it has to glorify God. I figured one way to do that is by adding an element of practical value to my life, as well as to others. All that to say, let me introduce my new posting schedule and topics. Don’t worry, there will still be randomness but I can’t tell you about that or else it wouldn’t be random {grin}.

Monday-The Week in Advance, what is God’s purpose of this week, how can I bless my husband, how can I love on and teach my children in new and creative ways, how can we be a blessing to others, what do I really want to get accomplished this week?
Tuesday-Celebrating Differences, what about marriage or the children’s relationships can be celebrated, improved upon, or turned into learning experiences?
Wednesday-Healthy Recipe of the Week, one of the goals of our family is to eat healthier. So, I will be researching new, healthy, quick meal ideas and trying them out.
Thursday-Weekly Check Up, how has this week been purposeful?
Friday-(Un)Forgetful Friday, funny stories, accomplishments, experiences, or kid talk that I don’t want to forget

When will I be starting to post on this schedule? My goal is beginning on Friday because I already have a funny story for the first edition of (Un)Forgetful Friday.


Ken said...

I really like this idea. I'm looking forward to Saturday's post and I'm going to have to try some of those Wednesday recipes

Jamie said...

I just love you and your orderly blog plan! :) Looking forward to it! (Mine will continue to be totally random because that is SO how my brain works!)