Friday, April 23, 2010

(Un)Forgetful Friday (bubbles)

This is one of those stories that I told a friend and she said "I am sure you were so mad in the moment but wouldn't it be fun to have a picture because now looking back it is really funny." My kids go through phases, as all kids do. It had been months since we have played with bubbles and now all of the sudden everyday for days in a row Braedon was asking for bubbles. So, the bubbles were out on the kitchen counter. Now, the bottle had the lid on it and was pushed all the way to the back of the counter. But, it was well within reach of a three year-old standing on a chair. I was on the phone with the bank so I was a little distracted and apparently not thinking too clearly. When I saw him going for the bubbles I actually had the thought, "hm, this might not be such a bad idea because he will keep himself busy for a few minutes." Everything was fine for about five minutes and then Braedon thought it would be super fun to dump the entire bottle of bubbles on our floor (not carpet, think--hard surface). Immediately thereafter, Kaley thinks the puddle on the floor looks cool and moves in for a closer look while I think Braedon was trying to get away. They both slipped and fell into the middle of the puddle of bubbles and started screaming. It took me a minute to react because I was trying to take it all in and figure out the best course of action to keep from falling myself. They both tried to get up a couple of times and kept slipping and falling back down. It really was a pretty chaotic mess for a few minutes. Thankfully none of us got hurt and after baths and the floor wiped up you wouldn't even know it happened.

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Jamie said...

That is funny. But I am glad you didn't slip & fall, too!