Friday, April 16, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Besides a couple of recent posts, it has been about two months since I have posted anything on this blog. There are many reasons for that but none of which are that I don't have anything to share or don't want to share. I have been a little overwhelmed with lots of life's circumstances that are happening in our family right now. Nothing tragic, for which I am extrememly grateful. But, they are circumstances that have added busyness and stress to our lives. One of the many things I love about God is that He uses my circumstances to stretch me and help me grow and mature. Wow, I have certainly realized that I have MUCH growing up and maturing I need to do. Thank God that He is not finished with me yet. Over the past few months of feeling overwhelmed, God has continued to guide me to the things that are most important. My priorities have been a little out of balance and are beginning to move back to the appropriate order: 1. God, 2. husband, 3. kids, 4. others. In bringing my priorities back in line, a few things had to go away and a few new things had to be added to our daily lives. The first cut...Facebook (click here if you didn't see my post). Secondly, I considered giving up this blog. But, instead I have a new vision for it that I think will provide sanity and structure for me and bless others. Once I have the outline in place I will share it...hopefully by the end of this weekend. In making God number one in my life and the center of our family we have instituted family daily bible reading time to which we need to add prayer (baby steps). In researching homeschooling, I have been praying for God to keep me focused on Him and make Him the center of our homeschool. Through another blog I follow I found a bible verse teaching activity that I think I can introduce to Braedon now. I am excited to start that soon. Andrew and I have talked about a book/bible study we can do together but we still need to go shopping and choose a book. These are all really exciting changes to our routine that I believe will help us in responding more appropriately to the stress of life's circumstances.

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Jamie said...

I don't want to influence you one way or another (if it means something other than what God is telling you) but truly I believe you can use your blog for His glory, as well as your sanity! :)