Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunrise on 7-9-10

Wednesday morning I realized that I can see the sunrise out my hospital window. Thursday I was still trying to catch up on sleep and slept in too late to see it. Friday morning though, I was awake super early spending some alone time with God by the window and watched the sun come up. Sunrise is one of my absolute favorite things to watch. It was even more special praying and listening to worship music while watching it. God is such an awesome Creator and He put me in a room with a view so I could worship Him through this part of creation! I am so blessed.


Faith Girl said...

They are beautiful pictures!

Victoria said...

In my house I owned before we married (actually I still own it and have it rented out) I could lay in bed and watch the sunrise out the window. I LOVED that. It was gorgeous. I am so glad that you have a room with such a great view.