Saturday, February 19, 2011

Braedon's Birthday Celebration

Our firstborn turned 4 on Feb 10 and we celebrated the following Saturday. I am not a big-party-buy-an-expensive-cake-have-a-bunch-of-presents sort of person. I believe much more in just making it a special day and doing things together to make special memories. I asked Braedon a few days before if he wanted white, brown, or red cupcakes and if he wanted vanilla or chocolate icing. He said he wanted red cupcakes with chocolate icing. Then, a preschool cirriculum that I have been taking some ideas from had a recipe for pretzels. Since it was February, the cooking activity was heart shaped pretzels. After Kaley went down for a nap, Braedon and I spent some time in the kitchen making heart shaped pretzels (dyed pink) and red velvet cupcakes. He had so much fun helping me but I remembered how difficult it is to work with dough.

I love this progression...
Here he is getting excited about blowing the candle out:
Here he is blowing it out:

Now he has a very satisfied look on his face:

Then, his Uncle Chris came over. Braedon opened a couple of presents and then we presented him with his brand new bicycle (that grandma and grandpa T got him) with balloons tied to it. We had grandma and grandpa T on the webcam so they could "attend" the birthday celebration. I love that we can have virtual parties with special family who is out of town.

It sure didn't take him long to figure out how to get on/off of it and pedal it. Now Kaley rides the tricycle and Braedon rides his bicycle around the "lap" through the living room, dining room, and kitchen. I am just imagining when Garrett gets old enough to ride the firetruck. It is going to be so much fun with all three of them going round and round. There is no shortage of fun at our house!

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