Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Love for Food Coloring

I don't think I have used food coloring ever since I was little making hard candy with my mom. When I say little, I mean I barely remember little. We bought some the other day because I wanted to dye our heart shaped pretzels and the rice for our sensory bin. Then, I read something about water transferring with medicine droppers and thought it would be more fun if the water was colored. Braedon and Kaley both loved this activity. One of the medicine droppers was a bit too advanced for Kaley but she liked playing around with it anyway. I think Braedon was a bit advanced for the medicine droppers because he was challenged for about 2.2 seconds and then knew exactly what to do. They both had fun with it anyway and asked to do it again today.

I am sure there about a million and one things to do with food coloring and I have only tried three of them. I can't wait to do more with it. I really think preschool activities are as much fun for mom as for the kids. At least for me they are! :-)


Victoria said...

I understand how you feel because I had not used food coloring in decades until I had preschoolers. A few months ago I had to buy some more - who runs out of food coloring? It is like running out of your Morton's salt.

Anyway, I'm going to try this with the girls. I wonder if they would hve fun mixing colors and seeing what happens.

Tina said...

Ha I know about running out...we just bought the tiny bottles and I was thinking well this is going to last for about 5 minutes. We actually haven't run out yet but we will soon. Yes, they loved mixing the colors too. We only mixed two colors...more of that to come.