Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Themed Play

Valentine Day heart matching was inspired by My Montessori Journey. I just adapted this idea to hearts and made it a matching/paste booklet. There is a heart matching worksheet on Preschool Palace that I used to cut out the hearts. I then used construction paper and stapled a booklet together. I glued one heart on each page. The kids got a stack of hearts and had to match them to each page and glue them on. They have so much fun with glue.

Heart man craft (or robot as Braedon would call it)

Valentine sensory bin-This is our first sensory bin and the kids LOVE it! It contains fake rose petals (red & pink), purple hearts, heart shaped measuring spoons, heart beaded necklace, heart bracelets, valentine themed erasers, valentine themed cups, valentine themed plastic jug, heart maze games. All of this was dollar store stuff and has been so fun to dig around in. I wanted to dye some rice red but never got around to it. I can't wait to put together future sensory bins. Braedon found one of the erasers and didn't know what it was. That lead to us experimenting to see what all it would erase. We marked on a piece of paper with crayon, marker, pen, and pencil so he could try to see what it erased.

The kids have been playing with the heart measuring spoons and cups in the bathtub too.
We also did foam crafts but I didn't get a picture of them.
We have had PB&J cut into hearts, pancakes cut into hearts, drinking from pink cups with hearts on them, and drinking with straws twisted into the shape of heart.
We will complete all of the Valentine's themed worksheets I can find. Braedon can't get enough of them.

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Christine said...

I love your sensory bin! I used some fall-colored flower petals in one once and it was a big hit. Thanks for visiting and entering the giveaway! Hope you have a great weekend!