Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Sensory Bin w/Rice

I posted previously about our Valentine's themed play. In that post, I said I never got around to putting rice in the sensory bin. Since then, I have experienced dying rice and water but that is a different post (yes, I have a new love of food coloring). Wow, did the pink rice make the bin so much more fun. I am so glad I added the rice. We poured the rice over our hands to see what it felt like (Daddy's idea). I dropped some rice on a small plate that was in the bin. Then, I dropped the rice slowly on the plastic lid of the bin to demonstrate the different sound it makes. We also have little plastic hearts we picked up and poured them over our hands and demonstrated dropping them on different surfaces. The lid of the bin is perfect for spreading out the rice to make a drawing board. I have tried it a couple of times but Braedon has not shown any interest in drawing letters in rice, glue, shaving cream, paint, etc... Though he will trace letters on paper with a crayon or marker, who knew? Anyway, back to the bin. There are the heart shaped measuring spoons and of course they were a big hit with the rice addition because the rice is so easily scooped and poured. I think Kaley could scoop and pour the rice all day if I let her. I picked out a couple of the pom poms, rose petals, and plastic hearts and showed them to Garrett and let him feel them. Braedon and I talked a little about less and more. But, really I was just trying to let them play and use their imagination. So FUN. I see lots more sensory bins with dyed rice or pasta in our future. :-)

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