Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garrett - 10 Months

Weighing in at 23 lbs, Garrett is still my little chunky monkey. He started sitting up at 9 months and is getting much better at it now. He has recently started lunging and diving at things. Besides that, he doesn't seem too interested in becoming mobile. He has recently started to get really mad if he is playing with something and I (or brother/sister) take it away. He started actively playing peek-a-boo by pulling the blanket over his head. Then, we say where's Garrett? He puts the blanket down and laughs. He learned how to clap his hands and loves doing that. I tried to get him to feed himself little bits of banana the other day but he just smashed them in his hand. I feel a couple of teeth but they haven't actually made their appearance yet. We had parent commissioning at church Sunday (on his 10 month birthday...how neat!)

Also, daddy made up something funny I want to share...
One of the shows the kids watch on PBS is Dinosaur Train. Daddy changed the words to one of the songs for each of the kids. It is pretty cute.
Garrett, he's a Chunkasaurus. He's the chunkiest baby in the Savasuk forest.
Braedon, he's a Sillysaurus. He's the silliest baby in the Savasuk forest.
Kaley, she's a Cutiesauraus. She's the cutest baby in the Savasuk forest.
I actually don't even know how the real song goes we just sing our renditions.

For comparison:
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Faith Girl said...

That is a hilarious re-make of Dinosaur Train, I must admit.

Garrett is becoming quite the (adorable) little man! He is also really smiley, which makes makes him even cuter!

Love Always,

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

Happy 10 months sweet boy!