Sunday, March 6, 2011

Garrett - 7 Months

Here is our newest growing boy! He is over half way to one year old...hard to believe. He is full on eating solids now and a lot of them.
We are making his baby food, which is super easy!
1. Cook (except for canned fruit)
2. Puree in food processor or blender (very smooth for first bites, then chunkier the more he eats)
3. Freeze in ice cube trays move to gallon ziploc once frozen
4. Microwave when ready to eat each rectangle is approx 1 tbsp
We are still nursing...yay! He weighs somewhere around 15 lbs. He is very laid back until he wants something. Then, he goes from quite and content to screaming louder than Braedon used to...very quickly. I am not even kidding when I say he screams like his arm is being ripped off. There is really no in between with him.
He grabs at everything now. I saw him intentionally go for Kaley's hair the other day. She turned around and said, "no, no, no" shaking her finger at him. He is also chewing all over his hands and anything else he can get in his mouth. I keep feeling for teeth but nothing yet. It was pretty cute when I was taking this month's picture. I had time to snap one of him beside the bear.

He then promptly snatched it up and started chewing on it.

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