Friday, April 8, 2011

Garrett - 8 Months

I am a few days late in this post but the picture was only taken one day late. Garrett turned 8 months on April 5 and the picture was taken April 6. We have had an eventful month.

He visited the dermatologist for his eczema and got some more cream and oral anti-itch medicine. The DR called it circular eczema or nummular dermatitis. All of his spots are almost gone now. A few things culminated at about the same time so I don't know what exactly has helped...cream from dermatologist, not nursing any longer, or the weather being warm enough to turn off the heaters. Whatever has happened, his spots are clearing up finally...after 3-4 months of dealing with it.

He has allergies and ended up with a double ear infection and RAD after being all runny when the pollen count rose so quickly a couple of weeks ago. We are still doing breathing treatments once a day and he still has antibiotics for another couple of days.

At the same time he was having allergy issues he refused to nurse and my milk supply decreased rapidly. So, he has been on formula for about three weeks now. He is eating and gaining weight like crazy. He gained about 4lbs in the last month bringing him to 19lbs now. Braedon and Kaley were never chubby. They were always long and thin and didn't have any rolls or anything. Garrett on the other hand, he has rolls on his legs, a double chin, and the deep crease at his wrist where his hand meets his forearm. Yep, Garrett is my little chunky baby! :-) I am pretty sure that as soon as he becomes mobile he will start to trim down some. For now, I am fine with it.

He is also starting to cut his first tooth. It is not really a bump on his gum yet but I can feel it if I push down on the gum. Of course, he is chewing on everything.

So, when he is cranky now, I really don't know if it is his eczema, breathing, teeth, or ears. Thankfully he hasn't been too cranky lately! And really in these pictures he looks like he should never be cranky but he can go from happy and smiling like this to screaming like I am ripping his arm off in a split second.

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