Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be Near Me To Be Like Me

I spend a lot of time in this rocker, whether to cuddle for no reason or to comfort a hurt of one of my babies. Today while I was cuddling with Kaley in the rocker, Braedon scooted over his kid's chair right next to me. At the time I didn't think a whole lot of it. A couple of hours later when I returned to the room and saw the chairs sitting there together, I realized how special it was that he had pulled his chair right up next to mine. I sat in the rocker again, feeding Kaley, and trying to recall his manner when he did it so I could try to discover his motive. Though I could not recall any specifics, I concluded that he either wanted to be near me or wanted to be like me. God has taught me so much about having a relationship with Him through relationships with my children. This is one of those times. God wants me to scoot my chair right up next to His to be near Him and become like Him.


{ jamie } said...

Awesome post, friend. Love the analogy.

Sandy said...

Wow, what an extraordinary thing you are doing with this blog! I'm so proud of you and delighted to see what God is doing in your life! I'm thrilled to see how Braedon has taken to his chair and I love this beautiful story. You have richly blessed me by sharing this! Your family is so precious to me.

lindsey said...

so sweet!!!!!

Raisingarrows said...

How precious. Such sweet thoughts!

I wanted to take the time to stop by your blog and thank you for the sweet words you left on my blog. Comments like yours are the ones that make pouring my heart out so worth it.

God bless you!