Sunday, August 23, 2009

Next Generation Women's Mentoring - Assignment 1

Launch night of the mentoring program is coming up this week and will include a time of sharing the vision for the ministry, testimonies, group introductions, sharing family pictures, and sharing our answers to the following questions.

1. At the end of this mentoring year, what would you consider a successful mentoring experience to be?
I am hoping that by the end of this mentoring year I will be better equipped with practical disciplines and real-life wisdom in order for me and my family to grow closer to God and manage life better.

2. What would you like God to do in your life during this year together?
I would love for God to teach me how to let Him guide me every minute of every day. In answering this question, I thought about the areas of my life I was struggling in and need God's direction. I thought about the areas that I excel in and how God may want to use me. I thought about how much I want to bring glory to Him in all I do. This can all be answered by seeking Him and following His lead every minute of every day. However, sometimes I just don't know how that plays out in everyday life.

This is the family picture that I will be sharing.

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