Saturday, August 29, 2009

Next Generation Women's Mentoring

Our first meeting was fabulous and with it came a couple of more confirmations that I am in the exact place that God wants me. Our great friend who has been such a blessing to us by watching Braedon for four days when Kaley was born, we swim in her neighborhood, she has went to DR appts with me, she just came over to watch the kids the other day while I had to go to the DR...she has done way too much for us and I thank God for her everyday. Anyway, I asked her to babysit during the weekend of the retreat in October because that will be the weekend before the Deacon's banquet and Andrew will have to work all weekend preparing for it. She said sure and then asked what I had going on. I proceeded to tell her about this mentoring program and she was excited for me and asked who my mentor was. She was so shocked and excited when I told her who it was...turns out they go back like 10 or 12 years! As if I needed anymore but I was asking for more confirmation because I wanted to be sure I was doing what God had planned for me. In finding out who all was in my group it turns out that I had a small connection with every single one of them but our paths had not been brought completely together until now. I didn't ask for more confirmation, I was too excited that it was going as great as it was already. Though when we received our first book, it was on the subject that I need the MOST help with right now and it is by my FAVORITE bible teacher...Nancy Leigh DeMoss who I have been following now for almost two years! I think God was just showing off at that point. I am so excited I feel like a giddy little school girl. My Creator wants a deeper more intimate relationship with me and He put these resources in place to help make that happen...amazing!

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