Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matthew 11:28

"Come to Me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."
Wow, what an awesome promise from God! A few days ago, weary was the only word I could think of to describe the way I was feeling. Everything with Braedon was a struggle. These battles occurred over normal daily activities like getting dressed, changing diaper, eating dinner, brushing his teeth, and going to bed, just to name a few. Braedon was getting over his second bout with Strep Throat. Kaley came down with Pinkeye and a Sinus Infection. Andrew had just gotten over being sick and I was getting sick. Our house quickly lost it's usual peacefulness and so did I. In thinking about how I was feeling and why, I found this verse and decided it was rather appropriate to meditate on, memorize, and study this week.
I am not complaining about my life. I LOVE my life, my God, my husband, my kids, my home and I thank God for them everyday. Though, life's circumstances do tend to become a little difficult at times and God gently reminds me that I need Him, more than ever, to give me strength, grace, and rest to finish the good race.

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